Mediation as Conflict Resolution

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Conflict is a growth opportunity and a signal that new understandings need to be achieved and implemented. In mediation, the resolution of conflict is not about winning or losing, or being victor or vanquished. Resolution comes with the understanding of one another's needs and the creative discovery of how to meet them. Mediation utilizes negotiation, effective communication and creative problem-solving skills in a dynamic, workable and confidential format.

How do I know if my case is right for mediation?

If any of these statements reflect your thoughts and feelings about a dispute, your case will probably be better served by the use of mediation.

  • My case is less about the need to prosecute the law and more about the need to resolve my issues.
  • I really don't need an attorney to defend me. I can speak for myself perfectly well, if only I had a fair and safe forum in which to do so.
  • I really don't want to sue this other person because we still have to work together in the future. Going to court would destroy our chances of maintaining an ongoing spirit of goodwill.
  • We are not enemies. We just have very complex issues to work through, and we want to work through them with as much cooperation as possible.
  • I don't want to be awarded extraordinary or punitive damages. I simply want what is fair and reasonable for my circumstances.
  • I really don't want the details of my dispute to become a matter of public record, by being entered into the record of a court proceeding, which anybody could read.
  • The law may be murky around the issues I want resolved. But to me, the principles involved are clear, and in need of resolution.
  • I have so many things to get off my chest, I'm not sure a court of law would permit me to express myself fully.
  • I'm not trying to set any new legal precedents. I just want my issues settled.

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