Family Mediation and Conflict-Prevention Coaching

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Family disputes of all kinds benefit from the use of mediation. In addition to the well-known benefits in the case of divorce, mediation provides a vitally useful tool to families with:

  • Parent/Teen conflicts
  • Disputes between adult siblings
  • Resolution of Inter-generational and "Family System" dysfunctions
  • Planning Pre-Nuptial Agreements
  • Family Estate Planning
  • Probate

Family dynamics are often complex and highly emotional, involving issues that the law is not designed to address. In family disputes, mediation often provides more appropriate and satisfying outcomes than litigation, because resolutions may be achieved for which there is no statutory framework for resolution.

Families may also benefit from Conflict Prevention Coaching. This may include: One-on-one coaching with individual family members; Whole family coaching; Select individuals within a family.

To schedule a family mediation, please contact us.