Restorative JusticeTraining 40 Hrs

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This training will teach the Community Group Conferencing model of Restorative Justice and comprehensive program implementation and evaluation.

When: Arranged

Total Cost: $850 with a $150 non-refundable deposit required

Enrollment Limits: 20

Note: This course carries a pre-requisite of an approved 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training.

Course Description

Thoughout the US and the world, courts and juvenile probation officials are turning to Restorative Justice to provide an alternative to punishment and incarceration of youth.  Restorative Justice dramatically reduces juvenile recidivism and provides support for youth to make better choices in the future, through empathy and taking accountability for offenses.

   Restorative justice is based on a resiliency model that:

  • Holds a child accountable for hurtful behavior
  • Recognizes and celebrates pro-social behavior
  • Encourages empathy for those who were harmed
  • Explores meaningful, non-retributive consequences that will solidify this teachable moment in the child's awareness so that he may make better choices in the future.

The curriculum includes:

  • Learning the technique of Community Group Conferencing
  • Intake and case preparation
  • How to interface with juvenile probation officers and courts
  • Ethical standards for Restorative Justice providers
  • Effective case management specific to Restorative Justice
  • Methods of program evaluation
  • Role play and coaching